In regards to those little documents I put under "CBA, COLONIAL, SCT, LAWYER", we can see clearly that, what they did, still does, all together, also I will at the end put some  phone calls. All those emails has been send to everwhere in that country as also overseas. In regards to "their" complaints they make, I have never complain to CBA or Colonial, but as they did all those crimes and malversations most likely with other agencies, as we whole can see that, as there is impossible that noone lawyer doesnt wonna reply, unless they been told, but we come to all those at the end and it will be here. Also we will see media that Bill Shorten knew about that, and whole media propaganda and malversation they done and still doing, and all that farsa and manipulations about "dual" citizens etc.... Also coming to see what is "commonwealth" ombudsman, what is ombudsman in WA etc.... we will see their malversations and propaganda. Once they do illigal in WA(Liberals), law need to be changed, that is excuse if they dont wonna do by their law. step by step!!! Also we will se Nathan, also Nalder, also whole others and what has been happen in WA, nothing didnt change and never will, but will be presented all here :) I think worste they done about closing CCC in WA in 2015., and moving corruption somewhere else as even today manipulate and hide real crimes with their machinery which it will be here, and still dont like me to finish and let me have mine, as that was well orginized crime by whole establishment which it will be here!!!


We will soon see Karl O Callaghan and Liza Harvey, also as we can see lately even WA new Government and media is also involve. We will find out who dong wrongs on me, who cause me problems in Perth, and how they all manipulate even today with new CCC in WA. Also we will see mails to parliamentary inspector and his provocations, same as "Edwards Greaves" on google was presenting corruption on that time, and I have contact him, and his malversations, and after that on google he present like "CBA and AUSTRAC" and most likely to try to hide all those crimes and move to new "corruption" which it will be here. Also it will be here how WA Today, Current Affair, Perth Now play big rules in propaganda they do in Australia. stay tune!!!