SCT, Lawyer

We can see through documents, how they all manipulate and does illigal, criminal games, whole that mails, plus much more, has been forward to preminister mail in Canberra, also to their human rights, also to what they called fairfax their media, to Adele Ferguson, Elizabeth Knight and whole others, include Centrelink, AFP and whole others, which was show real picture of Australia. Also whole documents from before has been forwarded to whole them. And we can see by mail from SCT and that idiot Andrew Mouston that he does and he knows he doing something illigal with their media, also we will see letter and phone calls what CBA has done while I was in Perth and even leter with whole other agencies, and we will see how their machinery manipulate through facebook about CBA bank, also how their media propaganda machinery did manipulate with whole other stuff. Unfortunatly, till I finish whole other stuff, then I will start putting phone calls from Andrew Mouston, in 2016., once I tell him I will publish everything, his reaction, and also his treat in 2016. "we will get ya".(as someone does something illigal, does provocations, manipulations through media with propaganda machinery, treat is best defence)., Unfortunatly whole those will be put at the end, together with other videos, calls etc.... Also we will see his supervisor "Cherry" she wasnt interested at all into getting evidence and her reaction was also "how you feel" etc. Also what they called "Commonwealth Ombudsman" and their malversations, also hung up once I state I will contact AFP, which they either has been involve or what, leave for you to judge.

We can see here that lawyer change his address, also same they done for CBA according to their media, we can see email from him, as in box subject "NEW EMAIL", on that time I couldnt open my email except on tablet where most likely they couldnt closed, whole those plus much more has been send to everywhere in WA and whole Australia, but that just show picture how they manipulate and lies. We will see that I try since that to contact more then few lawyers but noone respond. We will see once they realize they can do that way, suggest from SCT to go on court and I left country forever after crimes they whole done which it will be here. Also will be here from Embassy here that SCT respond them I need lawyer and suggest me to their "legal aid"(most likely to make clown more out of me), we will see whole that since day one has been send to AFP, whole courts till they didnt blocked email address. Also Andrew Mouston has never respond that hows his other 88 cases before me, once they done that malversation in media, also he could see whole emails from WA and CBA, but fascisam need to be hidden as we whole can see, as thats whole propaganda by machinery, same as they done about that person has been put his self on fire in Commonwealth Bank, same as whole their propaganda by machinery on their Facebook pages etc..... Whole that has been send to whole their "independent" and law agencies, but they whole involve from day in this crime....... Hoping they not doing this or Labor push for Royal Commission, could be same as in WA replacing CCC in 2015., and whole that malversations to hide and manipulate, and does even today unfortunatly, but time will show, and we will see whole here, step by step......

Next stories and documents just partly will be CBA and their malversations and crimes same as media propaganda they whole does, and trying to show that does happen to everyone, same they done in WA while they does whole those crimes on me, but we come to that somehow :) We will see what machinery is able to do it and how they does illigal, criminal, with their propaganda machinery