I have so many nerv break downs, but now we will see what Australia does behind back of world together with whole their institutions and malversations and manipulations they do by their media. Noone documents, or name or any other stuff will not be a change, and we will see how all they does and what crimes they doing and what crimes they hidding etc......

I know I have promise to whole sort of 'Australian Government' Institutions and what they called 'independent' institutions and whole World, to start publishing earlier, but I just couldnt do it, as my health was priority, but it is starting NOW. I will present whole sort of Documents, include court transcripts, mails, phone conversations, statements, letters,complains etc., propaganda media statment. We will see provocations from Andrew Mouston from SCT and his supervisor Cherry (Superinnuation Tribunal) at start in 2016., while WA Criminal machinery get rid off my lawyer who didnt sucess in crime push me to close previous email, we will see why), and since then noone lawyers respond to me, also his treat, his malversations in media. Also we will see what is called 'Commonwealth Ombudsman' and their malversations, also we will see once they closed CCC in WA in 2015. they did that to hide biggest corruption and crimes I will present same as I did to their media which show picture of fairfax media, perth now etc., we will see phone callls after that and whole other stuff, including 'Nick Anticich' as being a part of those crimes together with Karl 'O' Kallahan. We will see what crimes they still hidding and specific my suggestion is new queen of Australia 'Ivana Oroz Bootsma'.  But I will leave for others to judge. We will see what their agencies does, include WA Police and whole others., we will see Greg Whitehall his calls from DoT (Department of Transport) back in 2014., as he hide corruption with others and does illigal criminal offence, also we will see place called 'Arafmi' which after crimes they done Greg from DoT and others, change names to 'Helping minds'. We will see biggest malversation they done by charging innocent person in regards to Claremont Serial Killer in late 2016. and whole other crimes done by Liberal and funny is before come to power WA premier Mark McGowen was stating he likes to make no body no parole, I didnt get it, till I realize machinery was making him to state that and to hide that malversation. Since they come to power, they also manipulate. We will see whole malversations Liberal done it, include Nathan and whole others. We will see once Colin Barnett replace ministers in 2011. or 2012. what happen and what they hidding. We will see malversations and crimes by whole establishment and their media, same as today in regards to CBA, in regards to made up corruption by 'federal' politicians etc. We will see once and what I did send to High Court, and after that they send to WA Police speeding fine on their faccebook and cover stories about huckers. Also we will see whole other stuff while I was in WA, offcourse Police can investigate that, but after what I will present here we will see what really exist in Australia on whole level. Also I was writing from 2006. onwards but we will see how was wasting of time, we will see Australian Human Rights and Rebbecca Gieng and her malversations and we will realize their human rights is just machinery to hide same as whole other stuff. We will see mails to courts and they dont like to do by law, instead send to politicians, or making some statments, we will see Labor is noone different and most likely which it will prove they work with Liberals. We will see how they whole this time they try to cover by their media. We will see once I was send to premier Malcolm Turnbull mails about corruptions, some of first, somehow he start making statment in media about corruption somewhere else, till 'Panama' pappers wasnt made up by machinery for some reason, and we will see whole media statments and whole mails send to criminals..... We will see how same people demage my car, done crimes and how WA Police hide that. I have been calling AFP for over 2 years to contact me, but that didnt happen..... How those people do crimes and everyone hidding and manipulate include Anticich, ASIO, AFP to others protect and hide that. I will not change any mails, one they didnt delate in past, but I made pohotocopies, also will not change any names, but will see how Andrew from SCT does that...Also how now they play I need lawyer from SCT and from Embassy in regards to TPD, but will be present phone calls from WA letters, mails and real conversations, and lawyer and his games with other criminals.Its to many things to write, (we will find out malversation they done about Troy Buswell, also that Colin Barnett call me foreign agent, hucker, etc, also whole their media machinery has been inform, and their manipulations)... so I let you have and see whole malversations, manipulations and propaganda they whole does, as if that does happen in normal democratic country, lots of people would be in jail). After that I will present you about Aboriginals and really what they does to them behind back of world with whole machinery.

We will see booth Labor and Liberal doing malversations and manipulations and moving corruption somewhere else and will be present HERE. I think those stuff wouldnt be happen in any thirth world countries, but lets see and let you judge!!!