It's not lie that bothers me, it's the insult to my inteligence that i find offensive.

This website is made to present biggest shames, corruption, manipulations and crimes that exist in Australia, together with their media manipulations.
As a result of SCT (Superannuation Complaints Tribunal), together with Commonwealth Ombudsman and their crime, this website become functional to present what exist in WA and in whole Australia.

How their media machinery manipulate, what crimes they hiding with closing CCC (Crime Corruption Comission) in WA in 2015, and together with whole their propaganda even today.

Regulary every 14 days it will be uploaded with new documents, which it will include phone calls, letters, mails, videos, court transcripts and media propaganda. We will find out why they manipulate with Lisa Scaffidi and SAT in WA, and what crimes and real corruption they hiding by doing that, also why they did biggest manipulation by charging innocent person, in regards to Claremont Serial Killer in late 2016, why they closed CCC in WA in 2015, and what crimes they still hidding and being involve.

Also whole propaganda in meantime, same as AFP or WA police no respond and their manipulations also together with High Court of Australia and whole other stuff!!!

Same as manipulations about CBA claims, their human rights, and whole other criminal stuff and what crimes they hidding and doing and has been involve. We will see how it was wasting of time inform anyone there, include their media, courts, etc, etc.
Stay tune and enjoy!!!
Those stuff wouldn't be happen in any thirth world countries, not even in North Korea, stay tune and see!
We will see what Australia does to me illegal criminal and still doing with whole proof!

Let's see what exist in Australia in 2017, same as in past.